Yehoshua originally hails from the hills of central California, where he began honing his craft.

After a prolific stint in the music business as a DJ, he made his way into the world of kosher food and spirits, eventually becoming most widely watched kosher wine reviewer in the world.

He now serves as the resident wine industry maven and media personality at Heart of israel wines.



Tzvi was born in Ukraine and grew up in the NYC metro area. With a background on Wall St., he made aliyah to Israel in 2010.

After living in Jerusalem and working as a social media director in Israel advocacy and being involved in the 'settlement' movement, he returned to NYC and founded heart of israel wines, with the goal of bringing amazing award-winning wines from all over Judea & Samaria–the Biblical heartland of Israel–to supporters of Israel living in the US.


Bruria Pool - head of Sales and operations

Bruria was born in Israel in the holy city of Jerusalem to French and Dutch parents. She was raised in both Paris and New York, Post high-school, Bruria studied abroad in Israel, where she participated as a young delegate in the World Zionist Congress on numerous occasions.

Upon returning back to New York, she was presented with an opportunity to join the Yarden family, where she would go on to manage sales for their award-winning American sister company - Golan Heights Winery.

After a decade of managing Yarden's operations and sales, her desire to to combine her love of Israel with her love of high-end wines lead her to join Heart of Israel Wines, where she has embarked on an exciting  journey of importing quality boutique wines from Judea & Samaria to the American markets.