An Evening with the Wines of Shiloh: The Ancient Center of the Jewish World

Roughly 1000 years before King David conquered Jerusalem and Solomon built a Temple there...there was the city of Shiloh. Shiloh, which is located roughly 30 minutes north of Jerusalem in the Binyamin region, was the center of Jewish life for 369 years during the time of the Judges (Shoftim).

It was a place where Jews would sojourn to for the high holiday festivals. It was also the place where Tu B'Av celebrations took place, when women from the various tribes of the Jewish nation would come dance in the vineyards, and be chosen by men who were looking for wives. 

Recently, we held an intimate evening with Shiloh Winery 's Amichai Lourie. The night also included kosher wine and spirits personality Yehoshua Werth, educator Nachliel HaCohen Selavan and Rabbi Yair Shachor from the community of Ma'ale Levona (which translates as 'Ascent of Frankincense').

This was not your regular wine tasting. Our goal was to bring our guests spirituality, history, and archaeology of the place that is Shiloh and the Binyamin region of Israel, to add some flavor to the experience of what they were drinking (and eating).